Self-Regulation Superstars

Our Self-Regulation Superstars group focuses on teaching self-regulation skills through play based activities to children to help them to better understand and manage their emotions and behaviours. We use a variety of evidence based strategies including visual supports, routines and structure, positive reinforcement, modelling self-regulation, practicing relaxation techniques, and sensory strategies. The goal for all children in this group is to increase self-regulation skills in order to better interact with their peers and succeed in school and other social settings.

 This group is designed for children ages 6-9 who:
  • Are able to focus and attend in a group or task
  • Have a basic understanding of language and are easily able to express themselves (via voice or AAC)
  • Have some basic social skills such as turn taking, and following rules
  • Do not engage in severe challenging behaviours such as self-injury, aggression, or bolting

No groups planned at this time.

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