Girls' Craft Club

Our Girls’ Craft Club is suitable for neurodiverse girls ages 6-12 years old who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Anxiety, and/or any other difference that impacts their social emotional development. This group is designed for students who have an interest in crafting as we incorporate arts and crafts into teaching social communication skills and self-advocacy skills.

Children in this group will be learning skills to support them within the following areas:

Our Approach

Our Girls Craft group is a unique neurodiverse affirming program tailored to support your autistic daughters. Our goal is to provide an engaging and effective way for girls to develop essential social emotional skills while also recognizing and celebrating the diverse ways in which girls with ASD experience the world.

Our program combines practical role play and creative crafting to support your daughters’ social-emotional development. Through interactive role play, they gain confidence and foster meaningful relationships with others. Creative arts enhances fine motor skills, fosters emotional expression, and encourages collaboration. Our individualized approach tailors the program to meet each girl’s unique needs, ensuring personalized growth and development. We also offer resources and strategies to reinforce learned skills, extending their impact beyond our sessions.