Social Skills Groups

All of our groups use evidence based teaching strategies such as naturalistic teaching, modelling, and reinforcement. Each group has a 1:4 ratio of adult to children, and groups are run by a Behaviour Interventionist and Behaviour Consultant. At the end of each group, parents will receive a progress report with ongoing recommendations.

Our Groups

Summer Camp


Currently, we are running groups in Surrey, BC. 

Once you have submitted your registration form, we will review it to determine your child’s eliibility. If your child is accepted into our group, we will send you a confirmation email with a pre-filled RTP. You simply fill the top half of the RTP and we will submit it on your behalf, or you can submit it via the parent portal. As AFU submissions as taking longer, we require that the RTP is submitted prior to the start date rather than approved. 

We require your RTP to be submitted (via parent portal or email) prior to the group start date. Parents will not be asked to privately fund their child’s place unless the AFU determines that your child does not have enough funding available for the group, in which case you will be financially responsible. 

We are flexible with the range of ages we host groups for. If your child is 14 and will enjoy the Minecraft group, you may absolutely register! Similarly, if your child is 6 years old and our group starts at age 7 or 8, please register and we will determine whether or not your child is eligible to join.

We have selected our current group location based on staff and space availability. If you cannot attend our groups due to location and/or timing conflicts, please send us a message .

Of course! Your child will learn how to navigate Minecraft during the group sessions as they work with a partner. 

All of our social skills groups use evidence based strategies to teach a wide variety of social communication skills. All groups have a consistent routine that includes: 

  • Soft start
  • Large group meeting
  • Paired activities
  • Games and/or craft
  • Snack and free play
  • Reward time

All participants in the Minecraft group get approximately 20 minutes to complete the challenge of the day. The rest of the time is spent in large and small group activities designed to reinforce the skill or concept being covered that session. 

Just a snack and drink! Your child does not need to bring any materials with them to our groups. 

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