Social Butterflies: Where Fun Meets Growth

Social Butterflies is a social-emotional group created to empower neurodiverse children ages 6-12 to spread their wings and thrive in a supportive, inclusive, and fun environment.

Our unique program seamlessly integrates Minecraft for gaming enthusiasts and drama and art activities for those who may not share the same gaming passion, all while nurturing vital social-emotional skills.

Our Approach

We recognize the unique strengths and challenges of autistic students, emphasizing the importance of teaching social skills. By doing so, we empower students to navigate social situations authentically, fostering meaningful connections and reducing social anxiety. Our approach promotes self-expression, self-advocacy, and inclusivity, contributing to improved quality of life and lifelong learning. Through a neurodiverse affirming lens, we aim to create a supportive environment where each student can thrive, embracing their individuality while navigating the social world with confidence and resilience. 

Our approach includes:

Students in this group will have a choice between a partnered Minecraft challenge or Drama and Art to teach social-emotional skills.

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