Tana Richards, M.A, BCBA

About Us

The Behaviour Change Clinic was founded by Tana Richards, M.Ed., BCBA, in 2007. Starting as an ABA tutor during her college career in the USA, Tana immediately fell in love with working with children with autism and the difference ABA made in their and their families lives.

In 2002, Tana moved to the UK where she continued her experience in ABA and has since worked with over 250 children and adults with all types of disabilities including Autism, Aspergers, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, and Social-Communication delays. In 2016, Tana moved to BC where she is currently providing Behaviour Consultation services as a RASP Level A Consultant and BCBA.

Tana’s goal is to teach children to communicate, to be successful in academics, to want to and enjoy engaging in social interaction with both peers and adults, and to prepare and integrate individuals into society as they become older.

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