Our programs for children ages 6-18 can be implemented after school or on weekends, for as few or many hours that your family can manage and that will be beneficial to your child. During our assessment process, we will be able to advise you as to how many hours per week your child will need in order to gain meaningful results.

Children who are on a school aged program will work on the following areas as part of their individualized programme:

1. Communication

2. Life Skills: Everyday functional life skills are taught in the natural environment. Can’t eat out because of your child’s behaviour? We will help you with that. Your child won’t sit down and eat with the family? That will be one of our targets. Your child can’t dress himself? That will be another goal of ours.

3. Play skills: Many parents are often opposed to having an BI come in and teach play skills. Play skills, however, are crucial to your child’s physical, emotional, and social development. We will teach not only your child how to play, but also how to play with your child.

4. Social Skills: Parents often come to us at their wits end because they can no longer have play dates due to their child’s behaviour. We will set up a programme, in conjunction with your BI, to address any social skills deficits.

Parents are required to become a part of the team when a part-time programme is implemented in order to maintain and generalize new skills.