The Parent Collaboration Program is unique to The Behaviour Change Clinic. The goal of this program is to build parents’ capacity to handle challenging behaviours. Research shows that stress levels of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are high. Our goal is to decrease stress levels by providing education and training using a collaborative approach.

The program is 22 weeks in duration, however each family is different and these sessions may be stretched out over a longer time period. There is a check-in session in between each training session to make any necessary changes to the plan and to provide support and encouragement. Training sessions are typically conducted online and are approximately 1.5 hours in length, with check in sessions being approximately 30 minutes. Full participation is encouraged.

What is the RUBI curriculum?

The RUBI curriculum was designed for parents of children with ASD who exhibit challenging behaviours. There are 11 different training topics included in the curriculum that cover a range of skills including, preventative strategies, responding to inappropriate behaviour, reinforcing appropriate behaviour, teaching new skills and replacement behaviours, and how to maintain newly taught skills and behaviours in a variety of situations over time. The curriculum is evidence based and has been shown to benefit both parents and the child.

A Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) is a document that will be used to document strategies that are created during sessions specific to your child. The BSP will be reviewed and revised by you and your Consultant during each Training session. Specifically, each session will start with review of the homework from the previous session as well as a review and update of the BSP. The review of the BSP at each session provides an opportunity for you to discuss successes and challenges of previous behavioral strategies. The review can be used to identify problems, refine ongoing interventions, and develop new strategies. These adjustments will then be added to the BSP. Because the BSP builds over time, the completed, final document will provide a rich description of all the different intervention strategies you and your Consultant came up with to help address your child’s problem behavior and to improve their daily living skills.

What is required of the parent(s)?

Parents are expected to attend all training sessions. Check in sessions are less formal, and only require one parent to attend. All training sessions are designed to be interactive.

A handout will be sent prior to each session, which contains the following:

You may be asked to collect data on behaviours of concern. When data is collected, every effort is made to design a system that works for both of us.

What is the cost and can I use AFU funding?

We charge our normal consultation fee for the time spent in each session. This cost can be billed to the Autism Funding Unit using your child’s funding. We never bill up front for the cost of the program.