At The Behaviour Change Clinic we provide Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention (EIBI) which is currently funded through the Autism Funding Unit (AFU). We are on the Register of Autism Service Providers in BC and currently accepting new clients.

Each child who is on an Early Intervention program will receive a fully individualized programme inclusive of the following skill areas:

1. Communication

2. Pre-academic skills such as Visual Performance skills, Imitation, and Toy Play

3. Language skills such as Expressive and Receptive areas, as well as pre-conversational or conversational language

4. Reducing Barriers to learning: We will teach staff to use the most up to date teaching methods which have been shown to be effective in decreasing barriers to learning (i.e. scanning in an array, prompt dependency, discrimination, negative behaviours)

5. Academic skills (if appropriate) such as Reading, and Maths using the VB-MAPP and ABLLS-R curriculum

6. Life skills: A portion of your child’s programs will be designed to teach functional life skills, regardless of his/her age

7. Social skills: We encourage parents to sign up to our social skills groups if possible, if not, we ask we include your child in local playgroups/centres in your areas.

Research showing the effectiveness of full time ABA at a young age:

Intensive Behavioural Treatment for Children with Autism (2005)

Evaluation of Comprehensive Treatment Models for Children with Autism (2008)

Meta-analysis of EIBI for Children with Autism (2009)